Port Hope

Port Hope is a community situated on the north shore of Lake Ontario in Northumberland County. The Ganaraska River runs through the heart of town and there are miles of waterfront trails, a sandy beach, and scenic country driving routes.

Southbridge currently owns 2 long-term care homes in Port Hope:

• Hope Street Terrace is a 97 resident long-term care home.
• Regency is a 60 resident long-term care home.
• 35 new long-term care beds would be added to the newly developed home.

Modern Long-Term Care at the Heart of Our Community

Despite being a small community, Port Hope has a big heart. It’s why we’ve been proud to be a part of it for nearly seven years, and it’s why we’re excited by our redevelopment plans for Hope Street Terrace and Regency.

By creating a new long-term care home at Hope Street Terrace, and transforming Regency into solely a retirement home, we are creating a local campus of care for seniors to seamlessly transition across the healthcare spectrum as their needs evolve. Importantly, by keeping the home located in the heart of the community, our residents can continue to foster social connections, an important part of maintaining their mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

We want to share how and why our plans evolved. Our families and staff told us our original two building layout made people feel like they would be disconnected and services would be disjointed.

By combining the two buildings originally proposed into one, we can create a more community-minded approach to care, both inside the home and out.

Each floor will become a mini neighbourhood, with its own outdoor space, dining space, computer lab, games room and physiotherapy spaces, allowing residents to build friendships with their neighbours. Staff will also be consistent on each floor, allowing for deeper relationships.

We are also strengthening infection prevention and control efforts as we would be able to quarantine individual floors, minimizing transmission pathways and disruptions to the routines of residents.

Outside of the home, the revised design allows us to preserve more green space, create gardens and courtyards where residents can enjoy physical activity with staff, and social visits with friends and family. As a central location, we hope the community will join us in making use of it too. Changing the design also means we can accommodate more parking, keeping cars off the road.

Many of our residents have called Port Hope home for years and enjoy social activities and walks in the neighbourhood. Many of our staff also live near the home, and have shared with us how excited they are to be able to live and work in the same space.

Revising the design of the home allows us to create a more connected life for residents, and we look forward to creating a space that feels like home.

Southbridge Port Hope will be a 192-bed long-term care home with six resident home areas.

This exterior rendering was created for concept design purposes only.

Southbridge introduces a vibrancy in our new buildings that combines timeless features within a cozy and familiar residential environment.